Was approached by Providence College to shoot profiles of some distinguished alumni who graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts for their quarterly magazine. They had wanted all the shots to feel cohesive, but the alumni were in different states. RI, NYC and DC to be exact. I wanted to keep it relatively simple so I rented a backdrop from www.ostudio.com and also picked up a fabricated wood floor (yes the wood is fake… shhhhhh) They also asked for a group shot of the 5 people they were featuring. Since they would never actually be in the same room together I had to do some planning before hand. I Made sure the lighting, perspective, focal length and poses were  consistent throughout all the 5 shoots. Then with some little photoshop magic, they are now all standing in the same room. Had good times on this shoot, and each of the alumni had a great story and were really fun to work with. Big ups to Veronica, and Kayla Chin for assisting me on these shoots!

Thanks Kayla for the BTS shots. She is a great photographer, check her stuff out at www.kaylakchin.com

Veronica helping me test the lighting.

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