I was approached by a local magazine here in PA, to use an older photo I had taken of Bam for an article / interview they were doing with him. Instead of reusing one of those shots, I asked if I could take some new ones. Thought I would have a week or 2 to plan, but Bam was leaving for Florida in 2 days so I needed to shoot the next night. Didn’t have long to concept something so I decided to take a page from the jackass hand book… I believe the term is called “ANTIQUING“. Scroll down to see light set up and some more BTS info of these shoots.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens – Canon  24-70mm 2.8
1/50 sec at f/18  ISO 150
Focal Length – 70mm

I had 4 people crouched down behind Bam for this shot. 3 of them threw cocoa mix and one threw unbleached flour. I used cocoa mix so the powder would have some tone to it, and almost look like dirt. I have seen photographers use regular flour before and never really liked what completely white power looked like. I also used CTO warming gels on the backlight ot give even more color to the mix. We actually only took 5 shots of this set up, and I think we nailed it. Big thanks to Veronica, Genessa, Ryan and Nikki for helping me out with this shot!

Shot this in Bams skate park behind his house… So room and cleanup wasnt an issue.

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  • Chris

    Dude that’s awesome! Was it tough to convince Bam to let you throw cocoa mix at him!? I can’t imagine it phasing him much haha. Photos came out great and I definitely like the color of the cocoa mix over standard white flour. It works well for the tone of this. Great shots!

    • Justin Muir

      Not hard at all.. He would have let me do anything. His exact words were “I’ve eaten cow shit before, I think I can handle that”

  • Serge

    Thanks for the info!
    Is that a 60″ Ocatbox?

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