I’ve been wanting to do a shoot in my basement for a while. My friend Brittney from the instagram fame (@brittneypanda) was passing through town so I asked her to stop by so we could do this shoot. We started the shoot when it was dark, so most of the set up was done in pitch black, since there are no lights in the basement. Our house is from the 1820’s so the basement has dirt floors and is pretty gnarly. Using 3 AlienBees B800 Flash Units, all with 3 CTO warming gels on them, i tried ot creat a sun rising at dawn type of feel. I made sure the flash in the first window was visible as to act as the sun. The windows were supper dirty so it helped with the diffusion. See the lighting diagram below. Brittney was a sport, while I threw flour while she was on the mud floor. We actually only took 6 shots of using the flour because it was to hard to clean up. Think we nailed it.

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